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The audience thus experienced the logic in the speeches emotionally; they felt only the militancy and the faith, without grasping the real content or reflecting on its meaning.
The audience is intellectually growing and becoming more and more demanding of relevant and real content.
The real content of the Ratas-Toom-Kolvart pact is not known to the public.
And yet, I am grateful for the fact that, though empty of any real content, his piece gave me the opportunity to set the record straight.
Associate Professor of Communications Michael Dickerson cites the Columbia Journalism Review definition of content marketing as including "essentially any form of content (a Facebook post, a celebrity Q&A, a feature-length documentary) created on or behalf of a brand with the hope that it will attract an audience on its own merits - as opposed to traditional advertising, which has the far smaller ambition of gaining notice from a captive audience before the ad break ends, or the page gets flipped, and the real content begins.
Then the government made its next move, successfully tearing a handful of journalists away from the paper (journalists with whom it had struck agreements to work on hollowing out the real content of the newspaper), instead employing them at pro-government media outlets.
While the topic has caught the interest of people even during ancient Rome, with speculations on the liquid that comes out of the vagina during orgasm described as mysterious and magical thought to have health-giving properties, according to Asian texts, the real content of that liquid is unknown.
The second half was a subdued affair with Real content to sit on their lead and Bayern unable to do anything about it.
The smallbudget films rely solely on refreshingly real content which ultimately help them