real evidence

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Real Evidence

Probative matter furnished by items that are actually on view, as opposed to a verbal description of them by a witness.

For example, a weapon used in the commission of a crime would be classified as real evidence.

real evidence

in the law of evidence, a nebulous category that broadly describes anything, other than a document, that is examined as a means of proof Examples include clothing and fibres, weapons, fingerprints and dental impressions, blood samples, tape recordings, film and video recordings. Its importance is that the jury or other fact-finder does what it will from the sight of the evidence and inspection of it. Real evidence does not exclude oral evidence, as is the case frequently with written evidence. Usually oral evidence is required to connect and make relevant the real evidence. Generally, the real evidence should be produced in court, an oral description being generally inadmissible.
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But it was the more difficult to dispute the accuracy of the witness, as, in order to produce real evidence in support of his verbal testimony, he drew from his pouch the very bolt-head, which, according to his story, had been miraculously extracted from the wound; and as the iron weighed a full ounce, it completely confirmed the tale, however marvellous.
The suggestion that the marriage proved positively unhappy is supported by no real evidence, but what little is known of Shakspere's later life implies that it was not exceptionally congenial.
However I'd be happier if the SEVEN police forces now investigating a man who's been dead ten years and against whom there is no real evidence would concentrate their efforts on paedophiles who are alive, known to them and are currently abusing vulnerable kids.
Professor Mike Turner, head of infection and immunobiology at the Wellcome Trust, said: "This is an excellent study which provides real evidence supporting the popular belief that we tend to be healthier in the summer.
He added: "The local economic outlook is very positive and we are currently seeing a lot of activity in the housing, professionals, leisure and manufacturing sectors, providing real evidence of a return to growth in the local economy and for our customers as they look to expand.
Setting aside CTA's ruling, the Federal Court of Appeal observed the ruling was not borne of any real evidence or due consideration for Air Canada's contention that a less intrusive remedy could be found.
The defendants have been remanded in custody for six months with no real evidence that proves they are guilty," she said in court.
I don't have any real evidence to base my opinion on - I'm just going by gut instinct.
50pm, Film4 Lieutenant Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) bumbles through life, making a mess of investigations and destroying any real evidence valuable to the department.
In a letter to the Home Secretary he said: "Under the guise of repatriating powers back to Britain, real evidence shows that a UK opt out from the EU Justice and Home Affairs co-operation could have devastating effects on our criminal and justice system.
Despite the given references, including within the framework of consultations between security councils, we still do not have any real evidence and facts of its use by government forces," Patrushev said.
He pointed out that if the iPhone maker is manufacturing a watch, it would be quite a while before we see any real evidence of it.

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