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Even people whose lives have been made various by learning, sometimes find it hard to keep a fast hold on their habitual views of life, on their faith in the Invisible, nay, on the sense that their past joys and sorrows are a real experience, when they are suddenly transported to a new land, where the beings around them know nothing of their history, and share none of their ideas-- where their mother earth shows another lap, and human life has other forms than those on which their souls have been nourished.
No man who has had any real experience of life can have failed to observe how amazingly close, in critical situations, the grotesque and the terrible, the comic and the serious, contrive to tread on each other's heels.
Comrade" Lucas was not what is called an educated man; he knew only the Bible, but it was the Bible interpreted by real experience.
The Metropolitan Center did studies after Hurricane Andrew and felt it was important to fund a Hurricane Katrina study since we are one of few institutions with real experience in this type of disaster," said Dario Moreno, Director of the Metropolitan Center.
Consistently ranked by industry analysts as a leading business process management platform, the Ultimus BPM Suite is the most feature-rich product on the market, with enhancements driven from real experience gained from working with more than 1,000 customers on thousands of processes.
His credentials and real experience in strategic planning, with companies experiencing changes in their markets and business models, such as ours, will be a significant resource for us.
NEC's Platform technology offering, VALUMO, is based on NEC's real experience of Open Mission Critical Systems (OMCS) and includes autonomy, distribution, virtualization, and cooperation technologies.
In a future world which many people see as increasingly influenced by technology and virtual experiences, the LF-SA concept is also a driver-focused vehicle, reflecting Lexus vision that real experience will remain ultimate luxury.
Tomlinson - who says: "I'm going to have to start acting dead serious" - admits his only real experience is playing the video game, Football Manager.
Progamme director Zuby Ahmed, who is also managing and creative director of indie developer SmashMouth Games, said: "When we speak to our partners in the games and digital industries, they constantly stress the need for graduates to have real experience in their specialism.
As an MP with real experience in local and national politics, Ronnie's opinion has to be respected, and I'm no supporter of any political party.
Whenever you go you know it will be a real experience.

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