real interpretation

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However, the willpower of Allah, the Almighty is beyond the human being to predict when disregarding the real interpretation of the Quranic verses.
However, no real interpretation of "necessarily" is provided.
When it comes to the real interpretation of this game it does not need a dictionary in anyone's tongue to define the meanings of pass, move, defend and score.
Tennant charges the Thais ``kept us on the hook, seemingly very enthusiastic about a more real interpretation of their king, who was truly a visionary of his time .
They added that the hallmark of his achievement was the fact that he tried to do the real interpretations of the teaching of Islam and make it easier for the youth of modern era to face the challenges confronted by the muslim world through true strength of their faith than falling prey to the agenda of the enemies of the motherland and Umma.
In May, the index set recent records in a host of factors leaving only two real interpretations available: either something positive was developing in the economy as a whole, or that something had gone terribly wrong," said Kuehl.