real security

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He SPOKE of apprehension and anxiety, but his countenance expressed real security.
For my own part, I had been for some time very seriously affected with the danger to which the Protestant religion was so visibly exposed under a Popish prince, and thought the apprehension of it alone sufficient to justify that insurrection; for no real security can ever be found against the persecuting spirit of Popery, when armed with power, except the depriving it of that power, as woeful experience presently showed.
According to Kaljulaid, NATO has shown with its steps that when the real security situation and threat assessments change, the alliance can still react fast and effectively.
In a speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Mugherini said: "The issue cannot be resolved by opening new fronts, because real security must be based on a political solution reached through negotiations," the military operation in northern Syria will not make Turkey safer .
Police arrested the pair, who continued to insist that they were real security guards, before claiming it was all a "prank".
Our immigration policy must reflect the fact that our nation faces very real security threats.
To identify the real security budget, there are many places to look, such as networking equipment that has embedded security functions, desktop protection that may be included in the end-user support budget, enterprise applications, outsourced or managed security services, business continuity or privacy programs, and security training that may be funded by HR.
It also has the potential to increase membership and offers the prospect of financial sustainability, giving real security for a long term future.
The Defense Department will also provide participants with access to "predetermined department systems" for a "controlled, limited duration," further reducing the probability the program will catch a real security vulnerability.
The term "prank" doesn't even begin to cover something which brings with it real security concerns - at a time of already heightened fears - as well as major worries for parents, and massive inconvenience and extra stress for everyone involved.
NNA - Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, on Wednesday ratcheted up the pressure on the Lebanese state to adopt serious and stringent measures distinguishing between real security and political refugees, and others who are in Lebanon for economic reasons.
Noting that real security has returned to the country, he said, "Today the wrong, cruel and anti-human rights sanctions issued by the UN Security Council have been removed.