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The awards were based on the quantitative analysis of key measure indicators such as assets, liabilities, total income, net attributable profit and return on assets, collating data on real size, real growth, and percentage growth to identify the region's leading financial institutions.
portfolio is the Samsung Real Size Digital Signage solution for retail, and the
It's tempting to read this in autobiographical terms: Pieters has spent most of her working life in Dunedin, New Zealand's southernmost city of any real size.
His experience as a tough international prop with real size and ability to break the defensive line is outstanding.
Muscat: As a tribute to passionate football fans and the world's grandest sporting event, Times of Oman has come out with a unique graphic supplement which gives its readers an opportunity to construct a real size collectible football.
The super large LFDs enable retailers to create real size digital signage for a distinctive in-store experience.
That was a good win for us because North Middlesex has some real size inside and we don't,'' McNamara said.
He closes with a touching chapter about searchinng for Hector Thomas, a soldier, perhaps forgotten, perhaps magnified to many times his real size, at Anzac.
Responding to a question, the FBR official said the allegedly laundered money was huge and it was difficult to evaluate its real size.
In addition to providing a detailed overview of Conwed, the digital IDEA book features many real size photo samples of different netting with their specifications to help provide a visual of details like mesh size, strand count, weight, thickness and color.
The 8-8-8 formula or the 'king minister' or any proposal in order for the political parties not to be represented in the Cabinet formation according to their real size [in Parliament] will not be able to survive," Rd told a Hezbollah ceremony in the southern town of Khiam to mark Imam Mahdi's birthday.