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In Civil Law, relating to a thing (whether movable or immovable), as distinguished from a person. Relating to land, as distinguished from Personal Property. This term is applied to lands, tenements, and hereditaments.


adjective accurate, actual, ascertained, bonafide, conformable to fact, correct, dependable, factual, genuine, inartificial, incontestable, irrefutable, legitimate, natural, right, scientific, sincerus, sure, true, trustworthy, truthful, undeniable, undoubtable, unerroneous, unfallacious, unfeigned, unimagined, unimpeachable, unmistaken, unsimulated, unspurious, unsynthetic, valid, veracious, veritable, verus
Associated concepts: real estate, real party interest, real property, real servitude
See also: absolute, actual, apparent, authentic, bona fide, certain, conclusive, concrete, convincing, corporeal, de facto, definite, documentary, factual, faithful, genuine, legitimate, material, natural, objective, perceptible, peremptory, physical, ponderable, positive, pure, realistic, reliable, rightful, sterling, substantial, substantive, tangible, true, veridical


denoting or relating to immovable property such as land and tenements.

POINDING, REAL, or poinding of the ground, Scotch law. Though it be properly a diligence, this is generally considered by lawyers as a species of real action, and is so called to distinguish it from personal poinding, which is founded merely on an obligation to pay.
     2. Every debitum fundi, whether legal or conventional, is a foundation for this action. It is therefore competent to all creditors in debts which make a real burden on lands. As it proceeds on a, real right, it may be directed against all goods that can be found on the lands burdened but, 1. Goods brought upon the ground by strangers are not subject to this diligence. 2. Even the goods of a tenant cannot be poinded for more than his term's rent, Ersk. Pr. L. Scot. 4, 1, 3.

REAL. A term which is applied to land in its most enlarged signification. Real security, therefore, means the security of mortgages or other incumbrances affecting lands. 2 Atk. 806; S. C. 2 Ves. sen. 547.
     2. In the civil law, real has not the same meaning as it has in the common law. There it signifies what relates to a thing, whether it be movable or immovable, lands or goods; thus, a real injury is one which is done to a thing, as a trespass to property, whether it be real or personal in the common law sense. A real statute is one which relates to a thing, in contradistinction to such as relate to a person,

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The experience of this inversion, in which the world suddenly seems much realer than our ideas of it, paradoxically propels us toward idealism.
and I'm tired," Babur Realer, an organizer for the event said.
Now I'm inducted to the game, and you can't forget me, and I'm not guilty, realer than ever.
The fusion of these two brings her work firmly into the realer of span fiction.
As a painter, that kind of living, breathing density of affect is what you strive for; as a viewer, you know it when you see it but you can't explain it - it won't break down into formulae and, on a more prosaic level, it's only partly possible to explain why an image that's not realistic in a photographic sense can be more alive than one that is, and why one that trails a dusty photographic spectre may feel realer still.
He knows that he inhabits a Baudrillardan hyperreality where "the images of war substituted for the events of the war itself and appeared realer than real .
In Saint- Simon's Memoires Louis XIV and his court become as real or realer to us than anything retailed as biographies, autobiographies, or history; and yet his volumes are all three of these things, and whatever daubs of fiction there may be therein seem to us all to the good.
And yet, if you stick with DeLynn long enough, she gets much realer.
The lone viewer's isolation in front of his furniture is implicitly applauded - it's better, realer, these solipsistic ads imply, to fly solo - and yet also implicated as threatening, confusing, since after all Joe Briefcase is not an idiot, sitting here, and knows himself as a viewer to be guilty of the two big sins the ads decry: being a passive watcher (of TV) and being part of a great herd (of TV-watchers and stand-apart-product-buyers).
But his characterization is infinitely more rounded, many-sided, realer.
Der Name "Thomas Glavinic" wird damit, so pflichtet Robert Walter-Jochum bei, zur gleichermassen "anschlussfahigen" wie "von der Kenntnis realer Lebensumstande nicht tangierten Ich-Chiffre" (75).