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Andrew gives the following advice to those considering putting their property on the market: "Price your property realistically and make sure that you are presenting it properly and to its best potential.
More realistically, it's a bit bigger and bulkier than similar two-way pagers that are all the rage in club land.
Under the ruling, a temporary work location is a work location realistically expected to last (and that does in fact last) for one year or less (in the absence of facts and circumstances indicating otherwise).
That way our clients will be able to assess realistically the intent and probable end result of Washington activity.
While the article by Paul Plsek and Charles Kilo, MD, MPH, "A Different Approach to Change" (volume 25, issue # 6) is hardly ground breaking, indeed charmingly homespun, it incisively and realistically characterizes change agents.
It is realistically expected to last (and does, in fact, last) for one year or less.
American novelist and poet who wrote realistically about the West, rejecting the stereotype of the cowboy as hero.
In this way, we were treated as the "prospective" purchasers of military hardware we could neither legally buy nor realistically afford.
Keeping things clean and orderly is satisfying work, both metaphorically and realistically.
Supported by a careful gathering of statistics, Being Single in the Church Today does not fall back on a preachy tone or closed-minded attitudes, but honestly and realistically approaches how the church can best adapt to help single people nurture their faith.