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The good news is that Baptists have a history of successful transition to new rules when presented with new realities.
Today's realities are vastly different from those facing Baptists on the frontier at the beginning of the nineteenth century.
Every scientific invention takes us closer to the ideal of "total cinema"--from the addition of sound and color to film, to the creation of three-dimensional interactive virtual realities.
The process reflected population details from the 2000 census and the four political realities that always govern redistricting.
Sociology of knowledge deals not only with empirical knowledge relative to various societies but also with the processes by which bodies of knowledge become established as social realities.
Nasdaq Small Cap: PJTV) announced today that its depixelized, brightness-enhanced video projection technology has been licensed by Alternate Realities Corporation, a North Carolina company that is developing a new generation of three-dimensional, virtual environment systems for a wide range of corporate, scientific, educational, government, entertainment and consumer applications.
Much of VR's appeal in the popular imagination derives from the primacy it grants bodily experience--it heightens one's sensorial experience of data--and from its promise of fully realized, hyperreal alternate realities (a promise that continues to lurk behind most nonspecialist discussions of VR).
14, 1998--GeoQuest and Alternate Realities Corporation (ARC) today announced that GeoQuest has become the exclusive reseller of the state-of-the-art VisionDome(a).