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Growing adoption in automotive, pico-projectors, and gaming & entertainment industries, for display of information, along with facilitation of real-time human interaction with objects and digital devices, are anticipated to be the major growth drivers for United States augmented reality & virtual reality market over the next five years.
The reality of our shrinking world is seen in the array of exotic products on the grocery shelves, in the fact that a call to one's bank helpline is answered in India, and in the chat taking place all over the world via the worldwide web.
Nearly 1,000 writers, producers and editors working for major reality television production companies have signed authorization cards for WGA representation since an organizing meeting was held in May.
The math majors have had an opportunity to clarify for the English majors the meaning of "asymptote," and our speculations on the utopic and dystopic implications of foreclosing on the distinction between reality and representation have fired our imaginations.
When Lucifer, the chief protagonist in the story of the war in heaven, said "I will not serve," he rejected reality.
Disease, and the respective body of knowledge, co-exist within a social reality, a social reality that binds and circumscribes.
One issue that has not been addressed is how virtual reality machines can be used by senior corporate management as portable simulation chambers that can be used in planning long-term corporate strategy.
Because virtual reality technology is relatively new, most law enforcement administrators know little about it.
Their merger will generate a synesthesia of data experience, one that might finally establish the crucial relation between the phenomenological subject privileged by virtual reality and the acculturated, historical subject that grounds the hypertextual exploration.
Nonetheless, virtual-reality technology holds such strong appeal that researchers in a number of laboratories worldwide have mounted serious efforts to overcome these obstacles and bring virtual reality into the real world.
This follows the outrageous 2008 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards, making it the biggest night in reality television.