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Undergoing either the Realize Band or Lap Band has been proven to prevent and relieve many co-morbidities of obesity, including high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and much more.
She realizes that all this is important: to reduce films that are not diagnostic, meaning that they have to be retaken, and also to ensure that a quality image is projected in all that is done for the patient.
I started to realize that a lot of people live with anger and that could so easily be me.
3) An advanced wave-concatenative speech synthesis engine, which realizes high-performance reading through an advanced, wave-concatenative speech synthesis method based on a wide-range of speech data.
To the extent T realizes a loss on the put option, it is capitalized into the basis of the X shares that T identified.
It took about 30 seconds to realize that I had met an experienced baseball guy who was more than willing to help me out.
But it has forced a lot of people [in the congregation] to think hard about their opposition, and I have had more than one person come up to me and say, 'I did not know what I thought about this, but now I realize you have to do it.
They realize learning is internal, not external, and that it is different from receiving grades.
By including international staff into the American camp experience, perhaps we can make an impact upon the world that is greater titan we realize.
Under these circumstances the taxpayer realizes gain in that year as if he or she had sold, assigned or otherwise terminated the sale at its fair market value on December 31.
Since mutual funds realize that investors don't like up-front load fees, they have become adept at building less conspicuous fees into the system.
They must realize that preventive/predictive maintenance consists of more than written inspection forms and corrective work orders.