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Maxine has her snack, and then cleans her dishes, as well as any others in the sink, because she realizes that not everyone has the time.
Maxine realizes that everything she does contributes to the office as a whole, gives the patients a better experience, quality care, and adds to the productivity of the practice.
However, in order to achieve this goal it was necessary to realize large CPU power, required for speech recognition, and machine translation technology for interpretation, which are both exceedingly difficult to achieve on low-power multi-core processors for small devices such as mobile phones.
At one point, he realizes that being interested in the Bible isn't necessarily a sign of naivete, but "a sign of health -- and maturity.
Mary Sue finally changes when she realizes she loves to read and learn.
As in the case of a section 332 liquidation, the domestic corporate recipient of stock in that domestic corporation must recognize the gain it realizes in the transaction unless it includes in gross income the specified portion of its all earnings and profits amount.
In the context of the former, the domestic distributing corporation must recognize the gain (but not the loss) it realizes on a distribution of stock in a foreign corporation that otherwise qualifies under section 355 only if the distributee shareholder is an individual.
121, as amended by the Tax Reform Act of 1997 (TRA '97), provides a golden opportunity for taxpayers who may realize gain on the sale or exchange of their principal residence.
These rules generally use a "closed transaction" approach and force the seller to account for the contingent liability or adjust basis to determine the gain it realizes as of the transaction's effective date.
In all three cases, the IXOS-ARCHIVE business document system helped the companies realize a significant return on investment through time and cost savings as well as increased employee productivity.
However, taking into account likely costs of managing and disposing of the assets and the payment of participation interests which were previously granted in connection with an earlier reorganization and are owing to management and HDC's lender, Harrowston estimates that it should comfortably realize in the range of $25 million to $30 million from all of its interest in HDC.
When BSBP realizes gross revenues of at least $3 million, it shall, at its option, reserve the right to deliver 29 percent of CYBALL's common stock in lieu of the $5 million Note plus interest, which option shall be exercised at the end of the three year period.