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By and large, companies that have taken the leap and outsourced their internal HR activities are realizing the results and goals they hoped to attain," said Oshima.
With Darwin, IT can begin realizing massive automation benefits immediately and reach new levels of efficiencies across their global enterprise.
It is very important we continue to work hard to ensure our customers are happy and realizing benefits from our solution.
Phase Forward's BPO workshops offer a practical approach to realizing the promise of EDC.
Ernst & Young will announce 36 Realizing Business Potential award winners at regional programs in June 2004.
This year, a new category, Realizing Business Potential Award, has been created to recognize up-and-coming entrepreneurs who have demonstrated a creative use of technology.
Anton Jerger collection more than doubled its pre-sale estimate, realizing a total of $1,800,000 with 92% of the lots sold.
The customer simply places the appliance in their rack, connects network and power cables and specifies a fixed IP address, and they are realizing the benefits of a fully managed software solution on their premises.
From April 2003, Omron will upgrade the lineup with backlights realizing even greater efficiency and brightness along with contributing to advanced functionality and lower power consumption in global market spreading color liquid crystal display mobile phones.