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Realizing Rights made me expand my thinking beyond my comfort zone Louisville, Kentucky and the United States.
He uses all three floors as his principal residence for two years and sells the townhouse in 2010, realizing a $20,000 gain.
As under the existing section 367(b) regulations, any person realizing income in a transaction subject to section 367(b) is required to file a notice with the IRS.
Hewitt's research shows that companies that have already outsourced HR activities are satisfied with their outsourcing arrangement and are realizing the benefits they hoped to gain.
11b) employing NEC's proprietary, fast internet protocol ("IP") handover technology (note 2*), realizing stable communication of over 6Mbps at 200km/h.
Fully realizing an incentive package's benefits can take up to 25 years.
The combination of ExpressAutomation(TM) features speed deployment and ensure administrators are productive and realizing automation efficiencies within a few hours.
It is very important we continue to work hard to ensure our customers are happy and realizing benefits from our solution.
When asked to evaluate their experiences using EDC, some organizations have reported they are not realizing the full benefits of the technology.
Before realizing this transaction, which will be subject, among other requirements, to the approval of the Board of Directors and shareholders of Pinexel and the Company and some of its creditors, as well as the signing of a share exchange agreement between the Company and Pinexel's shareholders, including the usual representations, warranties, terms and conditions for this type of transaction, the Company's issued and outstanding share capital will be reorganized on the basis of 10 common shares currently issued and outstanding for 1 common share of the Company following the reorganization.
Around the globe, organizations are quickly realizing that they can leverage the Ultimus BPM Suite for myriad tasks, including finance and accounting, customer service, sales, marketing, product development, help desk functions and administration.
Ernst & Young will announce 36 Realizing Business Potential award winners at regional programs in June 2004.