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The reanalysis focused on the proven ability of mammography to reduce total mortality rate because this is the only "reliable" measure of benefit, the investigators wrote (Lancet 358[9290]:1340-42, 2001).
Although Vom Saal's results were shown to be credible under the panel's statistical reanalysis, they were found not to be reproduced in other, equally credible studies.
A recent reanalysis of the data shows the compaction actually was minimal before 1995, which boosts the post-1995 net loss of thickness to about 20 mm per year.
Pooled reanalysis of cancer mortality among five cohorts of workers in wood-related industries.
In light of the company's recent reanalysis of the market potential for surgical adjuvant therapy in genital wart patients, the company determined that the financial requirements and technical risks of developing a sustained release formulation were not justified.
The new book, which features nearly 300 photographs, contains the results of an in-depth reanalysis of global hotspots, a widely used prioritization strategy for allocating conservation dollars to areas where they can do the most good.
Cheung notes that a high-energy photon experiment called FOCUS didn't yield doubly charmed baryons among an abundance of singly charmed ones, a result that throws some doubt on the reanalysis of the SELEX data.
The INGRID World Wide Web interface (27) was used to access the gridded National Center for Atmospheric Research/National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCAR/NCEP) reanalysis data set (28).
The FDA recommended reanalysis of the company's collected clinical data, and collection and/or reporting of other data in several different areas.
The new software features the ability to store and replay raw EMG data for reanalysis, allowing the physician to concentrate on the patient comfort during the examination and provide a detailed diagnostic exam.
Far fewer people suffer from mental disorders requiting treatment than was initially indicated by two national surveys, according to a reanalysis of them.
Reanalysis of CYP2B6 with respect to alachlor revealed that alachlor is a substrate for this isoform.