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This department may be asked to reanalyze some critical evidence in the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer cases ever since the government hinted at retrying these legal cases in which coup plotters were convicted for the first time in the history of the nation.
EPA--and anyone else who desires to do so--to reanalyze all data used in their assessments in order to "replicate" the findings and conclusions of the original investigators.
The coalition will bury the conversion bill and presumably reanalyze the budget.
Concerns continue to abound about the economy, and many restaurateurs are starting to reanalyze how to increase or even maintain their food and drink sales in this challenging climate.
Many times in the last 20 years, I have been forced to stand back and reanalyze my businesses and make adjustments.
To prepare for that day, scientists are using new techniques to reanalyze the 1906 earthquake and predict how bad the damage might be when the next one happens.
The entire instrument can be physically inverted to reanalyze on the same sample.
They reanalyze existing loan-approval and loan-performance data and devise new tests for detecting discrimination in contemporary mortgage markets.
Forest Service officials announced in spring they intended to reanalyze what areas of Little Rock Creek might be reopened to the public and what parts must remain closed to protect the toad.
As a result of fluctuations in rates, we may be undergoing a transition phase in real estate financing as banks slow down, reanalyze lending strategies of the past few years which were based on historically low interest rates, and focus on redefining lending parameters with a long-term view.
As more and more paper records take electronic form, records managers need to reassess and reanalyze the records with a careful examination of the new organizational communication patterns and functions that electronic recordkeeping systems support.
No predilution of the samples is routinely required, yet the instruction manual advises the user to dilute and reanalyze patient samples having initial concentrations above that of the highest calibrator.