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Whether examining the run-of-the-mill corpse, ghosts both vengeful and melancholy, or the currently sexy reanimated dead, death offers new material for scholarly analysis.
Ezekiel describes a valley fill of bones, "very many bones" and "very dry," reanimated by the word of the prophet.
Meanwhile, other enemies of theirs resurface, including the violent Green Storm movement, led by the reanimated Anna Fang, now a Stalker.
Thus, from the start, the reanimated stiff was a modern phenomenon, a figure of Western exoticism as much as an authentic island legend, with tales of blank-eyed field workers, "white zombies," and witch-doctor mesmerism.
Drag your reanimated selves over to Universal Studios Hollywood, where at 10 a.
And in a subtler register she has reanimated some of the tropes that were declared obsolete by progressivist theories of art history, reinstating the figure-ground opposition that modernist painting supposedly rendered null and void, and introducing exaggerated perspectival depth via whirlpool-like "holes" or abysses in the center of her canvases.
Sometime in the '80s it was reanimated for the first time, but it wasn't until around 1998 that it blossomed and the exotically-shaped blue receptacle was brought back to life for a whole different kind of pleasure seeker.
Housed in the "Egyptian Room" of the Wanamaker Building, the Village will be restored, rebuilt and reanimated with the promise that come this Christmas season, Philadelphians will once again be able to take a trip back in time to 1840's London and stroll through animated scenes that tell the classic tale of Charles Dickens' Ebenezer Scrooge.
Gatecrashing the event is the recently reanimated entertainer - stand-up comedian Ross Noble under a cake of make-up - who proceeds to carve his way through the guests.
Inspired equally by love of the physical energy of Cab Calloway, the brevity of The Ramones, and the style of film noir, Moon doesn't blend different sounds so much as smash them together--as if rock 'n' roll was deep-frozen in 1965 and abruptly reanimated 45 years later by a laptop hip-hop producer.
You encounter more and more reanimated, beachwearclad corpses and almost as many makeshift weapons to dispatch them with.