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I am leaving because I am turning into a hostage to a person who, willingly or not, is reanimating Ahmed Dogan (leader of ethnic Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms, DPS, editor's note)", Ivanov told Focus news agency on Saturday.
Death, rather than acting as an end point, becomes the point of origin for the narrative itself "so that the scenes of death become sites for reanimating the dead and recovering meaning" (199).
Furthermore, in her narrative approach to curating and the unabashed carving out of a sacred space for art, Ionina has prised open the possibility of reanimating our engagement with the sacred spaces of art.
But Monahan is not an ironic neoclassicist blithely reanimating unfashionable forms; rather, his relationship to the depiction of the human figure is dead serious, even fraught.
They have been showing their vision in an exhibition at the ECHO's City Exchange building, called Reanimating the Waterfront.