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And so the vast majority With materialistic lust Must reap the harvest they have sown And disappear in dust .
Still in the southern Nablus village of Huwara families are denied access to their territory, rendering them unable to reap the harvest.
No jockey begrudges AP or Ruby a penny of their money because they reap the harvest of their brilliance.
THE ceed is growing - and a different group of people will soon be able to reap the harvest.
Unfortunately, it will be 25 years before we can reap the harvest.
Typical - no sooner has Wayne Rooney ensured that everything is once again rosy in the Old Trafford garden than somebody comes along to reap the harvest.
What could make more sense than to reap the harvest lying about the streets and transfer it to where it can turn a profit?
If he gets that down pat and the curve returns, the Red Sox may reap the harvest they have been waiting for.
DUBAI: Infrastructure developments in the region are boosting spending on audiovisual solutions and major vendors are gearing up to reap the harvest.