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Il Fornaio's signature cookie that reappears this time every year is the "biscotti di zucca".
She appears at the beginning of the story and reappears at a critical time when the challenge is in jeopardy.
When Victor reappears at the station, everybody is shocked.
A large gift package appears and reappears throughout, containing one potent object after another, spurring the action forward.
But when the same building reappears in Yellow Landscape II, 1996, it is expressively painted in drab browns and greens, as if the image had undergone an angry, visceral attack at the hands of an Abstract Expressionist.
Eventually, as the obscuring companion moves aside, the star reappears.
In Space Station: Silicon Valley, gamers must save humanity from its doom when a mysterious space station suddenly reappears on a collision course with Earth.
Mike reappears, to Terry's delight, and as romance blossoms between them they plot to escape the island with the treasure Mick has found.
Tom: Eventually, the oil seeps back down to the oil pan, which is why it reappears after half an hour.
It is what I have lived, the way I fashioned myself, that reappears.
The group is currently analyzing observations made later in the summer to see whether the spot reappears.
After this, there's going to be a dry spell before Duke reappears in his all-new world saving adventure, Duke Nukem Forever.