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8 Reappointing Norman 424,956,422 2,553,725 4,794,888
6 Reappointing Sir Peter 396,328,497 4,937,045 361,152
10 Reappointing the 368,335,010 1,195,555 3,095,337
Citing the need for continuity in leadership of the state's efforts to protect and restore Puget Sound, the governor announced that she was reappointing Brad Ack to lead the Puget Sound Action Team partnership.
The only way to keep our options open is to appoint for one year with the intent of not reappointing," he said.
Firefighters said morale was low after selectmen went for a couple of months without reappointing the board that oversees the administration of the town's call Fire Department.
July 10, 2011 (JUBA) -- The President of the newly born Republic of South Sudan (RSS), Salva Kiir Mayardit, has issued presidential decree reappointing Riek Machar Teny as the Vice President of the new independent nation on Sunday.
Yacino said that when the commission members voted to recommend reappointing Mr.
By reappointing a Fed chair chosen by someone else, a president can appear to guarantee financial markets that the Fed is not too much under his thumb.
The rest of the council leaned toward reappointing the existing commissioners, who they felt have done their job well.
Kiir, who won an overwhelming April election victory to stay in power as president of south Sudan, issued a decree reappointing Riek Machar as the region's vice president, the state Suna news agency reported.
8220;Given this, and their commitment to service excellence, reappointing them was an easy decision.