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Employment and Learning Minister Dr Stephen Farry today announced the reappointment of Mr Richard Jay and Mr Edward Jackson as members of the Governing Bodies of Northern Regional College (NRC) and South Eastern Regional College (SERC) respectively.
Clark said the board noted that Chief Baril's appointment was due to expire as part of their reappointment process in June 2010.
These reappointments ensure the NCC continues to have a high level of skill and experience to call on in fulfilling its important role.
BROOKFIELD - Finding himself with the deciding vote on the controversial reappointment of a police sergeant Tuesday, Chairman James W.
Mateiko's reappointment, stating they were requesting further clarification regarding his job description.
The loan documents provide the Company with a 30 day period to cure defaults, and the reconstitution of the board and reappointments of the officers of the Company referred to above rectify the circumstances on which default was claimed within the 30 day cure period.
BROOKFIELD - Issues surrounding the postponement and possible denial of a police officer's reappointment have sparked accusations of unethical behavior by town officials.
Early last month, selectmen put off the reappointment of Sgt.
Councilors did not discuss the reappointments and confirmed them unanimously.
Hawke's repeated requests to the mayor and City Council to delay reappointment and non-essential financial decisions were denied last night.
These reappointments, if confirmed by the City Council, are for terms that far exceed the month Mr.
Arnold had not been given an opportunity to meet with selectmen before their decision on reappointments.