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While she licks her wounds, she begins to reappraise her life, her work, and her family.
The prospect of funding and housing children through their 20s and 30s has, of course, financial implications on the parents who may have to reappraise their own financial life plans.
Villagers from Penkridge will have the chance to comment on plans to reappraise the village's Conservation Area status at a meeting on Tuesday.
They reflect contemporary trends in management and staff development and offer an ideal opportunity for team leaders, managers and directors to reappraise their management and leadership skills.
ANTIQUITY 74: 17-18), analysis of goldwork from Waldalgesheim, and discoveries at Mont Beuvray, and they reappraise Jabobstahl's classification of swords.
As for the farewell meeting, Steel takes from it the standard fare about how much they disliked each other and ignores the begging invitation to reappraise the polar images of Johnson and Kennedy on Vietnam.
How does this collection help readers to reconstruct and reappraise Chester Bomar Himes as a black American man and artist?
Shaky consumer confidence, stiff competition and increased transparency offered by the internet are forcing organisations to reappraise how they price their goods and services, says a new report from PwC, "The power of pricing".
The products contain either no or very little brine or oil--which the company hopes will encourage young and 'lapsed' shoppers to reappraise canned mackerel and sardines.
Murali has routinely forced players in his own team and opposition ranks to reappraise the realms of possibility for an off-spin bowler, and jotting down his name on the team-sheet has been one of the simplest selection tasks in international cricket for the overwhelming majority of his magical 18-year career.
introduces ten papers that reappraise Truman's recognition and postwar policies in light of world events, American Jewish advocacy and public opinion, expanded access to archival records, and hindsight.
But in the past year the full force of the economic downturn has compelled lenders to reappraise their mortgage books.