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In our experiment, individuals who reappraised the anger-eliciting situation as positive and controllable might have had sufficient resources to perform the task logically so that they made more conservative/selections with a higher probability of winning.
Cultural producers will only be able to take the initiative if the problem is reappraised locally without losing sight of its international dimension, and if those most directly affected--that is, the likely targets of the hatemongers--are given the opportunity to speak out.
Influenced by developments in psychology and the philosophy of personalism, Catholic thinkers reappraised the traditional teaching that marriage was primarily for the procreation and education of children.
Each time they move and buy a new house, LaRue, a semi-retired teacher, has her $15,000 jewelry collection reappraised for the endorsement on their homeowner's policy.
Permanent and reserve collections at the Palais des Beaux-Arts were reappraised and agreement was reached that 16 plans-en-relief (large topographical models of strategically important towns, dating from the mid-seventeenth to the late-nineteenth centuries) from the national collection in Paris should be permanently located there.
It appreciated in value rapidly and was reappraised for $20 million in 1985, at which time the owner refinanced it with a $16 million mortgage.
Those properties are not subject to Proposition 13 and are reappraised yearly at market worth as determined by BOE based on many factors.
If a suitable site becomes available in Ingleby Barwick, this option will be reappraised.
Indianapolis) thinks that the reasons he was so highly esteemed during his own time have slipped out of view and need to be not so much recovered as reappraised.