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GRITTERS were out yesterday as wintry weather reared its head again in North Wales.
I also know the same problem has reared its head across the country, with weekly collections becoming something of a rarity.
That waywardness reared its head at Sandown on his second start.
However, risk aversion reared its head once again during the US trading session, taking the DJIA down 1.
I NOTE that in the Examiner concern expressed over heavy vehicles damaging the surface in Greenhead Park has, yet again, reared its head.
question reared its head again this week after the match between Jamie Burnett and Stephen Maguire in the first round of the Maplin UK Championship.
The competition then became more keen as professionalism reared its head.
ImagiPLAY had been booming because of its eco-friendly approach before the threat of tainted imports reared its head.
It is doubtful that a mosquito would have reared its head in those conditions, but the rule had to be applied, and the blood center will now miss out on our blood donations for two years.
Druggie nihilism reared its head with Asia Argento's adaptation of The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, a series of autobiographical short stories by onetime male prostitute J.
Over the past decade and a half, a curious trend has reared its head in the world of golf course design.
When the famously morose poet killed herself at age 30, she helped bring down the average life expectancy for poets, a statistic that reared its head with a recent study finding that poets die significantly younger than do playwrights, novelists, and nonfiction writers.