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Druggie nihilism reared its head with Asia Argento's adaptation of The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, a series of autobiographical short stories by onetime male prostitute J.
Over the past decade and a half, a curious trend has reared its head in the world of golf course design.
When the famously morose poet killed herself at age 30, she helped bring down the average life expectancy for poets, a statistic that reared its head with a recent study finding that poets die significantly younger than do playwrights, novelists, and nonfiction writers.
CHICAGO - It only seemed like a matter of time before the Texas Rangers' questionable starting pitching reared its head.
Once again, the serious and perplexing issue of "design delegation" has reared its head.
The Costa Rican international is to travel to America for surgery on a cartilage problem which reared its head during his substitute appearance against Leeds on Monday.
The Interstate Commerce Act reared its head again this fall when California's Henri Duval Winery filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the state of Alabama for unfairly taxing out-of-state wineries.
On hearing that there was only one woman on the new economic advisory group the radical feminist in Mr Cairns reared its head as he demanded to know how theselection had taken place to lead to the scandalous situation.
Cobra reared its head in the spring, indicating that it was keen to find a partner for the bank, against the advice of the establishment's Board.
The possibility of IBM Corp and Intel Corp burying the hatchet and working together to introduce a next generation server bus architecture reared its head again yesterday when an IBM spokesperson said there could be an announcement as early as next week.
But then, the llama reared its head back and covered Steve's shirt with spit