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More than 50 Welsh bull calf rearers have already registered for the new initiative following its launch at Aberystwyth Institute of Rural Studies and further calls are flooding in on a daily basis.
It is still true, he notes, that, by and large, women are the primary child rearers and men the primary income earners.
52) [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'news came from the tundra: reindeer rearers from summer pastures had-gone-away'.
Needless to say, this was not true of marginal upland livestock rearers, but in East Anglia we have a saying: `You never saw a farmer on a bike.
We're child rearers, homemakers, diligent, loyal workers.
Traditionally, women have been the farmers as well as the bearers and rearers of children, the feeders and healers of the extended family.
In the early twentieth century, Japanese women were important to the state as workers and as rearers of children.
All modern facilities would available for commission agents, cattle rearers at the model cattle market.
I believe these men are not only herdsmen; some terrorists have infiltrated into the camp of the cattle rearers and they are the ones committing these atrocities.
Mange in animals has a worldwide distribution and is particularly important in case of livestock such as sheep and goats due to the economic impact it has on the rearers and life threatening tendency in severe cases.