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One of its greatest strengths is the comfort level for passengers in the middle row when the bench is slid right back and the rearmost seats either have very small passengers, aren't being used at all or are folded out of sight.
With the rearmost seats folded flat luggage capacity is 477 litres.
The vehicle is to feature a distinctive bowed line in the rearmost roof pillar, and will be equipped with a range of engines including a new 2.
The rearmost vehicle of the convoy was also badly damaged in the blast, he added.
Like its predecessors, Land Rover LR4 comes with seven seats Au the rearmost pair offering legroom for full-sized adults, providing a versatile space for family and friends.
76 metres and one of the advantages of the Peugeot is that the rearmost pair of individual seats are of full size.
It can also handle more passengers by folding the hatchback down, deploying built-in cushions, and-if needed-removing one of the two pairs of doors to provide an enclosure around the rearmost passengers.
The interior is spacious and comfortable although the rearmost seats are best suited to children.
The rearmost horse, Sun King, is some 12 lengths adrift, but finishes strongly and crosses the line in fourth place, beaten less than three lengths.
Castorocauda's rearmost molars served double duty, shearing food apart with their triangular peaks and then grinding it.
When not in use thetwo rearmost seats can be folded flat.
The pivot rod is free to move fore and aft about 1/2 inch, and is held in its rearmost position by a rather heavy spring that is coiled around a portion of the rod that extends approximately four inches to the rear of the scope base.