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Mr Loveridge says Flint Town Council are "a receptive and responsive council" and have already put waves in motion to rearrange the event.
The illness has also made him rearrange five dates on his much-anticipated North American tour.
We will rearrange state budgets by cutting them back in other areas.
Rearrange the words on the shooting stars to create eight space-related anagrams that match the given clues.
A spokeswoman for the WRU added: "Clubs are aware that they may use international dates to rearrange league fixtures that have previously been postponed.
The department has written to licensed Chinese traders informing them that they need to rearrange their businesses and stop posturing like general dealers as that type of business is reserved for citizens of the country.
Rearrange the letters of "cashew" to get an item and its reversal.
Global pandemics threaten to rearrange our entire business.
When I open Explorer to rearrange files, the opening screen is so packed with information I barely can find what I need.
Rearrange these letters and find the related word: SNOOP a) Town, b) Jacket, c) Bird, d) Fork 5.