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2] This type of rearrangement takes place during meiosis I and involves formation of a hexavalent configuration that allows the full synapsis of homologous segments.
The leukemia cells of up to 80 percent of infants with ALL have a chromosomal rearrangement that fuses the MLL gene to a gene on a different chromosome.
Validation of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement detection by PCR using commercially available BIOMED-2 primers.
Online Supplemental Table 2 illustrates the additional data-filtering steps for the detection of DNA fragments harboring structural rearrangement breakpoints.
The Mitelman lymphoma database in 2009 reported only eight triple-hit lymphomas out of 796 lymphomas containing a BCL-6 gene rearrangement (7).
This Lewis acid catalyzed rearrangement offers several advantages over current technology: 1) it lends itself towards developing an asymmetric variant of this transformation via the use of a chiral Lewis acid or a metal salt with chiral ligand additives, 2) the exclusion of n-BuLi to promote the reaction will result in a broader substrate scope by allowing acidic or electrophilic functional groups to be present in the molecule, and 3) this rearrangement is an environmentally friendly alternative to the Overman rearrangement.
7,10,11) ERG rearrangements appear highly clonal because, when present, nearly all cells in a given cancer focus are positive, although distinct cancer foci in a single prostate may have discordant ERG rearrangement status.
The purpose of this article is to exhibit an alphabetic rearrangement (not unique) that minimizes the number of three-letter Official Scrabble Players Dictionary heterograms.
If the genome were like a book with many chapters, the rearrangement would be like swapping of two chapters within book, so that both chapters would be out of order.
The method his colleagues reported last month is more thorough, since the rearrangement is likely to occur in every cancer cell in the patient's body.
Just as important, the genomes were different from each other, with multiple distinctive patterns of rearrangement observed, supporting the view that breast cancer is not one, but several diseases.
The rearrangement of the visit to Carlisle, postponed last Saturday, for February 10, has already left Walsall facing fixtures on three successive Tuesday nights.