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Robert Plant - Mighty Rearranger (Sanctuary) pounds 11.
Mighty Rearranger, scheduled for release on May 2, features Plant's current band The Strange Sensation, formed in 2001 and featuring hand-picked performers from a broad range of contemporary British music.
Et d'expliquer : "Je m'etais prete audition aux gens avant d'entamer le projet car cela nous permet de rearranger les priorites et de remettre la situation sur les rails.
In between, director Judd Apatow has squeezed gentle delights such as Robert Plant's All The King's Horses, the song from the Mighty Rearranger album that presaged his current harmony work with country songbird Alison Krauss.
Last night, at a packed Sage, Plant kicked off with a powerful double salvo from his latest album Mighty Rearranger.
Cream are at six with I Feel Free ( Ultimate Cream, Nine Inch Nails's With Teeth entered at three and Robert Plant/Strange Sensation entered at four with Mighty Rearranger.
The gig will see Plant performing solo, revisiting classic Zeppelin tracks and showcasing new material from his forthcoming album Mighty Rearranger for the first time.
19 (12) Mighty Rearranger - Robert Plant/Strange Sensation
ROBERT PLANT Mighty Rearranger (SanctuaryHE has nothing left to prove and prefers gigging quietly in small clubs to the stadium excess which he once espoused.
11 (-) Make Believe - Weezer 12 (4) Mighty Rearranger - Robert Plant/ Strange Sensation 13 (13) R&G - The Masterpiece Snoop Dogg 14 (15) Hot Fuss - Killers
Shelves were rearranged to suit the fancy and height of the rearrangers.
By contrast, Richard Tuttle belongs to the tribe of playful rearrangers whose skill is free association and whose only responsibility is to please themselves.