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She draws from about 50 interviews from the past 50 years with people who have been separated for at least 10 years and have reached a place of civility, to provide models and ideas for shaping kinship circles around children, challenge the language and stereotypes surrounding divorce and separation, and focus on the process of untangling and the idea of rearranging.
Stourbridge boss Gary Hackett admitted rearranging fixtures was a real headache, especially when it meant trying to fit in with other teams' packed schedules.
If you're thinking of making any big, new furniture purchases soon, my advice is try rearranging first.
BEIRUT: Future Movement MP Ahmad Fatfat stressed Tuesday the importance of rearranging "internal Sunni ranks, especially in light of the uncertainty of the situation globally and regionally.
You can create your own stories by rearranging parts of these animal and human figures using wooden pegs--by experimenting you can discover all kinds of unusual combinations
By rearranging equation 1, we have: with x% certainty, the quarantine failure rate, [phi], is no larger than [pi], where
The sheriff held several puppies on a pillow in his, lap; his hands kept passing over the little dogs and the dogs kept rearranging themselves in a whining, growling, moving pile of one another.
Rearranging wealth (or income) is not the only possible ideological goal of economic regulation.
In fireworks reactions, that rearranging process releases loads of energy--more than it took to get the reaction started.
The Premier League cancelled their programme for December 14 because of internationals, but then began rearranging games.
Against a black wall fixed with a thick yellow horizontal pole about the height of a ballet barre, all nine Ringsiders climbed, slid, slammed, and interlocked, bluntly but effectively arranging and rearranging themselves like so many red figures on a Greek vase.
Nursing picked up on this and did some rearranging of seating in the dining rooms so that all the residents at a table were served at the same time and could all begin eating together.