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If you're thinking of making any big, new furniture purchases soon, my advice is try rearranging first.
BEIRUT: Future Movement MP Ahmad Fatfat stressed Tuesday the importance of rearranging "internal Sunni ranks, especially in light of the uncertainty of the situation globally and regionally.
Another way kids create art at CMOM is by rearranging photographs of people, then photographing the results.
In fireworks reactions, that rearranging process releases loads of energy--more than it took to get the reaction started.
The Premier League cancelled their programme for December 14 because of internationals, but then began rearranging games.
Nursing picked up on this and did some rearranging of seating in the dining rooms so that all the residents at a table were served at the same time and could all begin eating together.
Kansas State University received an award to be used for rearranging the sequence of its accounting curriculum in what new educational research deems a more logical approach to teaching various accounting subjects.
This is "believed to be due to the rotational, vibrational and linear motions of charged fresh surfaces created during cracking" -- in other words, a rearranging of the rock's crystal structure.
To discourage rearranging, the Federal Reserve could establish guidelines to make it more costly for banks to provide easy credit for speculation and conglomerate acquisition.
Kinnarps introduces new furniture products every six months, which necessitates rearranging the showroom floor on a regular basis.
In the case of fireworks reactions, that rearranging releases loads of heat energy.
That's when two research groups not far from Hollywood showed the world how to make antibodies that not only bind to specific targets but also behave like catalysts, chemically rearranging them.