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We need to look at rearrests as well to see the whole picture of how and when individuals come into contact again with the criminal justice system.
Nearly three-fourths of rearrests within three years of release from prison are for less serious (Part II) offenses.
This article investigates the robustness of predictor variables in explaining rearrests among adult probationers in three ways.
Court and law enforcement costs from rearrests were costs incurred as a result of rearrests such as bookings and jail time.
But an anonymous Palestinian analyst says: "If he rearrests those people or suddenly is seen to be co-operating with the Israelis in any way, it will undermine his authority completely".
A senior Israeli official said Barak told Mubarak he would not pull back his forces or reopen Palestinian areas until Arafat rearrests dozens of militants released from Palestinian jails and tells security forces to stop shooting.
Rearrests for PINS offenses or outstanding warrants were excluded since no new crime was alleged.
The mean numbers of rearrests during the first six months in the community also differed significantly between these groups (t = -2.
Arafat left Gaza on Saturday for an eight-day trip, including a stop in Indonesia for an Islamic conference on Jerusalem, after ordering the rearrests of Hamas activists.
The rates of recidivism for both groups was gathered by the DOC with the statistics for rearrests, reconvictions and reincarcerations sent to Drexel University for data analysis.
When rearrests for any type of crime (not just sex crimes) were counted, 43 percent (4,163) of the released sex offenders were rearrested.
Researchers will measure their progress in finding living arrangements, complying with psychiatric treatment, employment levels and rates of rearrest and psychiatric hospitalization, Baca said.