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It is easy to decry 'mallisation' wherever it rears its head but anonymity is of course the point.
He turns reticent, however, when the subject of lower Manhattan rears its head.
Although The Exercise Myth is long since gone, the anti-exercise myth is still with us and periodically rears its head.
When a tort "reform" myth rears its head in your encounters with others, you need to respond with the facts.
And it is here that the poignant rears its head most insistently.
Shtick rears its head as a long, white scarf reappears in different contexts--as impromptu handcuffs for Annmaria Mazzini, as a blindfold for Michelle Fleet, and as trailing refuse stuck to the foot of Robert Kleinendorst.
But when they pick up two young men, sexual jealousy rears its head and a vicious fight ends with a tragic accident.
If the disease rears its head again, we need to have the information at our fingertips to thrust it back again.
For even if the Bill rears its head again later, Sully Hospital - one of the original four centres selected as suitable to house up to 700 refugees - is more than likely to be already in the hands of private developers who plan to turn it into a luxury flats development.
General Synod is understood, if at all, as a far away thing that takes forever to make up its mind about issues and that seldom rears its head locally, and then only to ask for money.