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A new delivery system that sucks bottles from the trim station rearwards to an exit conveyor helps minimize footprint.
Although the "official" line is to turn the seat facing forward once the baby is over 20 pounds, many seats have been "unofficially" tested with test dummies weighing 2 5 pounds facing rearwards and found to be safe.
the Concept CT uses two PocketProjectors installed under the front hood, projecting rearwards onto a translucent acrylic projection screen.
BORLA Performance has launched three high-performance stainless steel Cat-Back exhaust systems, from the catalytic converter rearwards, for the Mini Cooper.
For safety reasons (in the event of an emergency brake application for instance) wheelchair users are requested to face rearwards with brakes applied.
The doors are double size like the Renault Avantime and open rearwards like the Mazda RX8 while Parker's seat swivels through 180 degrees just like almost every top-shelf MPV.
Priced at pounds 18,097 on-the-road (excluding VAT), the Trooper LWB Commercial differs from the passenger Duty model by having a durable, flat, non-slip load floor, vertical cargo restraint, practical steel wheels instead of alloys,metal panels to replace the glass from the B-post rearwards and, of course, the removal of the rear seats.