reason for action

See: motive
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If my argument works, it is because there is a cluster of concepts here that hang together, and whose interrelations help us, via reflection of the sort I engaged in, to clarify the contours of these very concepts--including the concept of a reason for action.
When I give another person my reason for action, I am assuming for myself the authority and competence to do that, and in so doing I also confer standing and competence on the other.
Creating that compelling reason for action -- creating a sense of urgency on the part of your prospects -- is not always an easy thing to do.
Young children adjust how carefully they imitate and when they innovate, depending on the perceived goal of the behavior or reason for action.
Nor does the legal pedigree of a rule of law, or the force of a commitment to follow the law, solve the gap, because neither legality nor prior commitment generates a first-order reason for action capable of altering the agent's current balance.
Let each of those 45,000 people be a reason for action, and let's see crossparty support for swift progress on developing an ambitious and properly funded strategy to improve their care.
It is only if I can move beyond desire, even the desire for happiness, as a reason for action that I can make judgments about which desires I should try to satisfy, which I should ignore, and which I should actively try to diminish.
This is the view of two good scholars, Gregoire Webber and John Oberdiek, (25) who propose that a reason for action is not a right if it is not fully specified, binding, and conclusive; in short, if it is not absolute.
There is no reason for action at this moment," she said when asked whether reserves should be released.
There is no reason for action at this moment," Maria van der Hoeven said when asked at an energy conference in Vienna whether reserves should be released.
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He said that the situation in Libya is different from other Arab countries as Col Gaddafi is not liked by many world leaders and this could be the reason for action against him.