reason for action

See: motive
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It is only if I can move beyond desire, even the desire for happiness, as a reason for action that I can make judgments about which desires I should try to satisfy, which I should ignore, and which I should actively try to diminish.
There is no reason for action at this moment," she said when asked whether reserves should be released.
There is no reason for action at this moment," Maria van der Hoeven said when asked at an energy conference in Vienna whether reserves should be released.
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If universities are now satisfied, there may however still be a reason for action.
He said that the situation in Libya is different from other Arab countries as Col Gaddafi is not liked by many world leaders and this could be the reason for action against him.
On the other hand, is it not obvious that any reason for action must correspond to some value--namely the outcome the action would bring about?
His wife Barbara and daughters Kayleigh and Jodie have always been Leigh's muse, a source of love and a reason for action, even when illness took hold.
In other words, an incentive becomes for an individual agent a reason for action only when she poses and then answers the normative question.
Since the latter reason may also be expressed by citing an accompanying instrumental belief--say, that the law will protect religious liberty--it should be clear that a motivational reason for action can in a sense embody a normative one.
Or third, a reasons theorist can accept Robinson's point about the connection between reasons and actions, but insist on a more robust account of what makes something an appropriate reason for action and deny that Alphonse is justified in beating Buford.