reasonable claim

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Accordingly, I feel it to be a quite reasonable claim on the manufacturers part that this simple, and relatively inexpensive device will benefit backs and ensure your seat belt performs optimally.
Securing the payment of the rents with a trusted guarantor is a reasonable claim of the landlord which should be included in the tenancy agreement and he must also ensure that terms are included to prevent the tenant alienating the ownership of the company through the disposal of shares or even its deletion from the records of the Registrar of Companies.
If a federal judge finds the hospital has a reasonable claim for the agencies to contribute to the settlements and allows the claims to move forward, things could become complicated for the hospital at the county level, where it is arguing an estate suing it has no reasonable claim for negligent infliction of emotional distress over anxiety resulting from hepatitis C test results.
The decision left in place central elements of the post-issuance review process, including the broadest reasonable claim standard, and ruled that review decisions could not be appealed.
One can miss best practices, but still be within the realm of reasonable claim standards.
The only reasonable claim is the Syrian opposition's - that it buried Qantar under the rubble of a six-story building it shelled.
Honda have, in fact, resurrected a model line which could lay reasonable claim to having pioneered the crossover craze.
A mere disagreement over the scope of two reasonable claim constructions is unlikely to sway the PTAB at the PPOR stage.
Foley also strongly recommended that owners appeal (and appeal again) if they think a reasonable claim has been denied--because often, these appeals actually work.
Developing a reasonable claim expectation--levels on which the subcontractor can improve but that do not guarantee a safety bonus--is critical to the success of a bonus program.
This deeply affecting, if flawed film, challenges her husband and adult children, as well as the viewers of the film to assess where we stand on what might seem a reasonable claim about the fundamental importance of narrative.
But I recognize the long history of the Moro society and its reasonable claim to some independence.

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