reasonable presumption

See: likelihood
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We have a reasonable presumption that 80 to 90% Bahraini SME's already use some form of electronic data transmission.
It is a reasonable presumption, though not a certainty, that the missiles were launched by Sunni rebels against Assad's autocracy.
When you hear a DA at 8:40 in the morning is gunned down by two people, I think there's a reasonable presumption it's not random," lawyer James Lee Bright told the (http://crimeblog.
The COMPETES Act authorized a doubling of research funding over seven years (later extended to eleven years in the 2010 reauthorization) through the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science on the reasonable presumption that much of the increase would go into PS&E fields.
Similarly, the Court has emphasized that judges should not presume that a person intends to give up important constitutional guarantees: "To preserve the protection of the Bill of Rights for hard-pressed defendants," the justices wrote in a 1942 case, "we indulge every reasonable presumption against the waiver of fundamental rights.
But in the April 2007 issue, I wrote a letter which disagrees with the third sentence of the March article that "courts indulge every reasonable presumption in favor of the arbitrability of a dispute.
Still, it is a reasonable presumption that if real-world church attendance had gone up this fall in some type of meaningful way, this increase would be reflected in the response patterns to the church attendance question.
As per intelligence reports, there is reasonable presumption to suspect that the blasts in the city of Mumbai were to be carried out during the ongoing Navratri festival," sources in Mumbai Police said.
Although this would seem a reasonable presumption, multiple studies have shown this fear to be unfounded.
It turns out that the reasonable presumption that everyone was working under--that the statement had been issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the agency with the responsibility for making such judgments--was incorrect.
They have initiated interventions on a reasonable presumption that the patient would have authorized them, had she been able.
s Chief Operating Officer Tom Brosig, said there is not a reasonable presumption that the necessary approvals will be forthcoming in time to meet the Tribe's timetable.