reasonable prospect

See: likelihood
References in classic literature ?
But I wonder that the late Judge--being so opulent, and with a reasonable prospect of transmitting his wealth to descendants of his own--should not have felt the propriety of embodying so excellent a piece of domestic architecture in stone, rather than in wood.
It is not every day that we can meet an eminent person at dinner, and feel that there is a reasonable prospect of the news of his murder being the news that we hear of him next.
They made the announcement after reviewing police files and concluding that there was insufficient evidence "to provide a reasonable prospect of obtaining
The BRP informed the creditors that, based on his findings to date he considered there to be a reasonable prospect of rescuing IFMSA.
Best, which has offices at Finglas, North Dublin, is unable to service its bank debt but Michael McAteer of Grant Thornton, believes it has a reasonable prospect of survival if certain conditions are met.
There will be no further police action following guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service, who concluded there was no reasonable prospect of conviction from available evidence.
Recorder Jonathan Davies adjourned an appeal hearing after telling the court there was "no reasonable prospect of conviction" after listening to two days of previously unheard evidence.
It told Mrs Thatcher police had investigated him in 1970 for indecent assault against boys but the Director of Public Prosecutions had decided "there was no reasonable prospect of conviction".
He said: "Having made further inquiries, those concerns have hardened to such an extent it the Crown's view that there is no longer a reasonable prospect of conviction.
After a two-day High Court hearing on July 30 and 31, Justice Asplin refused Coward's application for permission to appeal the substantive findings in her judgment as having no reasonable prospect of success.
165-1(d)(2)(i), if an event has a reasonable prospect of recovery, then no recognizable loss has occurred in that year.
The Supreme Court described the claims as having no reasonable prospect of success and that they were doomed to fail.