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338, 347 (2007) (holding that an appellate court may--but is not required to--presume the substantive reasonableness of a within-guidelines sentence).
Spratlen recalled President Almazbek Atambayev's concerns over funding sources and support of those demonstrations, strikes and rallies that are against Kyrgyzstan, but underlined the necessity to understand the reasonableness of any rally by itself.
However, brokers are likely to require some type of concession from the insurer, such as a reduction in the insurance premium, in exchange for dropping reasonableness language from these clauses.
ISSUE: Is expert testimony as to the reasonableness of medical bills incurred by a patient who has sustained personal injuries admissible in evidence?
First, the landowner must rebut the presumption of reasonableness by showing that the statutory rate is significantly or substantially below the standard of constitutional reasonableness.
Accordingly, this Comment attempts to move the discussion forward and fill this gap in current scholarship by using relevant case law to advocate for the commercial reasonableness of online collateral auctions.
The following are the steps taken by DCAA when evaluating the reasonableness of executive compensation:
The prosecution therefore did not satisfy its burden of proving the reasonableness of the entire traffic stop.
Inurement can roughly be gauged against a litmus test of reasonableness that compares how similar organizations, for-profit or nonprofit, when acting prudently, transact their affairs under similar circumstances.
Relying on Chevron (467 US 837), the Seventh Circuit first looked at the plain meaning of the tax code and regulations; it next examined the reasonableness of the IRS's interpretation of the statute.
We didn't get into the reasonableness of the samples, but it isn't a very large sample in the first place," he says.
Neither can the impracticality of such a solution be used as evidence against the reasonableness of Arab unity.