reasonably anticipated

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At some future day, in all probability, the rich harvest of beaver fur, which may be reasonably anticipated in such a spot, will tempt adventurers to reduce all this doubtful region to the palpable certainty of a beaten track.
Contracts established as a result of this solicitation are intended for the purchase of those items for which the needs could not have been reasonably anticipated or planned for.
1, which states: "Any club failing to fulfil its fixture obligations shall be deemed guilty of misconduct, unless the circumstances giving rise to such failure are outside the control of the club and could not have been reasonably foreseen or reasonably anticipated and remedied prior to the match.
Three substances have been added as reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogens: 1-bromopropane, used as a cleaning solvent and spray adhesive; cumene, used to make phenol and acetone, and also found in fuel products and tobacco smoke; and the wood preservative mixture pentachlorophenol.
Under the safe harbor, 25% of the taxpayer's qualified research expenditures of the dual-function subset is included in computing the amount of the credit if the taxpayer's research activities for the dual-function subset are qualified research and the use of the dual-function subset by third parties or by the taxpayer to interact with third parties is reasonably anticipated to constitute at least 10% of the dual-function subset's use.
At that time, the court found that EPA cannot list a specific pollutant as a criteria pollutant until the agency first makes an endangerment finding, which is a determination that the pollutant is expected to "cause or contribute to air pollution which may be reasonably anticipated to endanger public health or welfare.
If litigation is reasonably anticipated, a "litigation hold" should be placed on all related documents, both internal and external, whether helpful or not.
The investor's interest also must constitute "a bona fide equity investment with a reasonably anticipated value commensurate with the investor's overall percentage interest in the [company]," separate from any tax credits and other deductions, that is "contingent upon the [company's] net income, into historic rehab credits gain and loss, and is not substantially fixed in amount.
Apostola's complaint alleged that the City Council discussed an item on panhandling at its June 26, 2012, meeting that was reasonably anticipated by the chairman 48 hours before the meeting, but was not included on the agenda.
And if you're part of an organization, that organization needs a mechanism to identify and act on reasonably anticipated cases.
Provide Adequate Financial: The shareholders must invest sufficient equity capital into the business to meet the reasonably anticipated requirements of the business.
1) This chemical, formed in foods during high-temperature cooking, is classified as reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program (2) and has been associated in humans with reduced birth weight and head circumference.