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3) Way, "Reasons as Premises of Good Reasoning," 1.
Participants who received booster training in reasoning and visual concentration scored highest on tests reflecting those skills.
This cognitive model of reasoning can encourage reflection and improve problem-solving skill, which is critical for adapting to the technology situations that teachers will encounter in the classroom.
The absence of ethical reasoning is but one example of "ethical immaturity," term inspired by the work of John Abbott Worthley.
Textual reasoning in Boyarin's hands begins to hint at the possible academic legitimacy of a different way of reading the Bible.
So it is hard to see how reasons could fail to be appropriate premises for reasoning towards [phi]-ing.
DiMarco explored a student's strategy of reasoning additively about the problem.
In a variety of reasoning tasks, East Asians take what Nisbett calls a "holistic" approach.
On her view, facts are 'truths which are expressed propositionally, and which can be premises in reasoning, both theoretical and practical' (152).