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North Atlantic (Phoenix Series II), 2005, is a grid of twenty reassembled square tiles, four wide and five high, measuring an imposing eight-and-a-half by six feet.
Below, O'Farrell's pub, with The Ronald Reagan lounge, will be reassembled inside the pavilion.
She said: "I have no objections to the Enola Gay being reassembled but to see an aircraft without the story behind it is a waste of time.
When Larken traveled to Peru as a backpacker in the 1970s, she falsely believed her ship-building great grandfather had made two iron-hulled vessels that were transported to Peru in crates and reassembled on Lake Titicaca.
A dozen or so get a few minutes to but most interviews have been chopped up and reassembled into categories, including "The First Trick," "Turnons," "Turn-offs," "Watersports," and "Drugs.
A NIST research team has reassembled the NIST watt balance experiment inside its newly decorated home and the reborn apparatus is showing the first signs of life.
At the payload's destination, the information is reassembled into the proper format for the connection.
JK Molds reports that during testing, it completely disassembled the hot half of the mold and the runner system, replaced a cavity, and reassembled the mold in just 4.
During the read duty cycle, discreet data packets are dynamically gathered and reassembled in the VXA buffer, similar to the manner in which data is reassembled via the Internet, resulting in dramatically increased data reliability.
WARREN - In less than four hours late yesterday morning, a reassembled lenticular truss bridge was hoisted by crane and, in two moves, put in place spanning the Quaboag River.
The result was a lightweight, chassisless vehicle, designed so that it could be assembled, overhauled and reassembled with ease every few years.
Upriver, Simon Starling took apart a wooden shed used by boatmen and reassembled all its pieces again as a Weidling, a kind of skiff traditional to the locality.