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Currently, synthesis of large designs is extremely time consuming and requires a design team to manually partition the blocks of the design, do time budgeting and job scripting, and then reassemble the blocks into a complete design.
London, March 12 (ANI): It seems like the fictional 'Terminator' robot has met its cosmic equivalent in asteroids that quickly reassemble if blasted by a nuclear bomb.
Clarent's products transfer voice, data and fax using packet-switched technology that breaks information into packets, sends them, and reassembles them at the destinations.
Out of these bittersweet reveries, the nursery reassembles itself into the mythical Neverland.
Burroughs' cut-up method into Lucy Ricardo's - I'm thinking of the I Love Lucy episode where she reassembles a shredded manuscript from the garbage.
Without changing existing telephone, network, or ISP infrastructures, FatPipe Internet transparently downloads Web site text and graphics across multiple modems in a parallel data stream, then reassembles the data once it is downloaded.