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Subsequently, HIV reasserted itself in some of the seven infants, but the treatment maintained at least a 32 percent reduction in viral RNA concentrations throughout the 6-month study.
Santa Fe Pacific stated that it was pleased with the Delaware Court's decision and reasserted that Union Pacific's claims are wholly without merit.
The court reasserted the test established in Credit Alliance Corp.
The AICPA's support for specialty accreditation was reasserted in the Report of the Special Committee on Governance and Structure, which suggested that the Tax Division should consider the accreditation of a tax specialty.
In 2005 it reached a turning point in its history when the Russian government reasserted its majority stakeholder position, whilst also continuing it's own push to gain control over an increasing share of Russia's energy complex overall.
Tunisia's National Bar reasserted unwavering support to the national effort of fight against terrorism, adding that this cowardly act will not divert the Tunisian people of their mission, that of moving forward on the path of their democratic process to build a state based on sustainable institutions.
Summary: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) reasserted its commitment to supporting Egypt in its political transition, praising the improvement of the country's financial indicators over recent months.
The narrative dimension reasserted itself somewhat, however, in the titling as well as in the dynamics of display.
Rappel l'Ordre' of 1990 reasserted the importance of construction at a time when architecture seemed in danger (it still is) of abandoning its connection with building altogether.
The Cougars golf team reasserted its dominance of the Western State Conference Monday, winning a six-way dual match at Glendora Country Club by 25 strokes.
However, such entrepreneurial activity is by its nature disruptive and decentralizing, and the 73-year-old ruler has more recently reasserted economic controls.
Yet, at Easter, Christians reasserted their separate identity by slaughtering a piglet to eat.