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As Obama and congressional leaders look beyond the Iran vote, the reassertion of a stronger American presence in the Middle East could earn bipartisan support.
For several weeks, the markets have begun to anticipate the return of Libya but the government's reassertion of control over ports held by rebels has taken longer than expected and recent events have raised new doubts," she said.
The reassertion of a Palestinian identity by growing numbers of Arab Israelis comes after a string of attacks on Christian and Muslim properties by suspected Jewish extremists, and after several new Israeli laws they perceive as infringing on their civil rights.
The EU will continue to support all institutions to maintain peace and security in Lebanon, including the reassertion of a dissociation policy from the Syrian conflict, upholding the spirit of the Bbda Declaration, to renew strong and proactive governance in all sectors, to comply with Lebanon's international obligations, and to promote the culture of dialogue," the press release went on.
The companies LG and Motorola will most likely opt for the first phones whereas Samsung, HTC and Sony might need some more reassertion.
In his book, Mishra notes how a number of leading Asian figures in the struggle for reassertion "inspired" and even met each other, in places such as Paris and Berlin, sometimes while on the run from colonial security forces.
What PNoy did afterwards was to draw up a very ingenious plan that would use the Department of Agrarian Reform's supposed implementation itself of the SC ruling as smokescreen for the Cojuangco-Aquino clan's reassertion of its big landlord interests in Hacienda Luisita,'' Sibayan said.
The landing of Curiosity was seen by some as a reassertion of America's leadership in space technology.
The honour is considered as a reassertion of Bahrain's advanced status in the media field and a tribute to the widened scope of freedom of Press in the kingdom.
Such a possibility suggests that the fundamental historical-structural challenge facing the United States is not the emergence of new Islamist governments per se: rather, it is the reassertion of the link between democracy and foreign policy-making in Arab states in response to the Arab Spring.
PAUL BITTAR'S first year as chief executive of the BHA has produced a reassertion of the organisation's place at the centre of the sport in Britain.
However, the reassertion of informal leaders might produce even more corruption and arbitrary administration of justice than is the case now.