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For several weeks, the markets have begun to anticipate the return of Libya but the government's reassertion of control over ports held by rebels has taken longer than expected and recent events have raised new doubts," she said.
Striking just such a balance when making the disarmament case is important as the bottom-line of prodigious US-led efforts to halt proliferation by others can appear simply as a destabilising reassertion of a lifetime monopoly of nuclear-weapons-owning by the US and its closest allies; France, for example, flatly rejects the objective of total nuclear disarmament.
I think of these results less as a reassertion of some normal state of things and more as an illustration of how sensitive attitudes about fundamental institutional arrangements like federalism and the conduct of elections are to partisan framing and plain old state-chauvinism.
Such a possibility suggests that the fundamental historical-structural challenge facing the United States is not the emergence of new Islamist governments per se: rather, it is the reassertion of the link between democracy and foreign policy-making in Arab states in response to the Arab Spring.
PAUL BITTAR'S first year as chief executive of the BHA has produced a reassertion of the organisation's place at the centre of the sport in Britain.
It's important for companies to reach out to all forms of technology in their bid to expand and progress, but their core values require constant representation and reassertion in form of a strong personal presence on the ground.
Spurred on by the discovery of oil reserves off the Falklands, President Kirchner has spearheaded an intense reassertion of Argentina's claim over what it calls Las Malvinas.
The United States has the will but not the economic capability to contain China, a commentary in China's state-run media said Monday in the wake of Washington's high-profile reassertion of its influence in Asia.
It may be that of all his works, Discovering Monaro will last the longest, as it seems to be lasting now, less through its innovative environmental history, but for its reassertion of local, even parochial, historical values.
About the author, distinguished Indian journalist, Saeed Naqvi, has pointed out: "This book is a reassertion that the thinking ambassador is not quite extinct.
What is happening in Egypt is a reassertion of Arab pride," said Schnellbaecher.
Turner focuses on young men in the camp in exploring questions of identity, masculinity, and victimhood, while elucidating developments including the reassertion of political agency and the re-creation of hierarchical social structures in the face of homogenizing constraints imposed by the camp's administration.