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The Supreme Court considered this question and held in 2002 that when considering reassignment as a reasonable accommodation, the employee must first establish that the reassignment would be "reasonable in the run of cases," in light of an employer's other employment policies.
Although the updated offerings have Aetna broadening the cover for gender reassignment surgery, it had started it in a limited way in 2009 itself for the sake of employees and contracting companies as part of a benefits package, claimed Aetna spokeswoman Cynthia Michener.
Every federal circuit asserts a power to order reassignment, and
Our recommendation to clients is that they take a hard look at their current accommodation policies and how they're considering reassignment .
Brown testified that sex reassignment surgery is generally medically necessary to treat severe GID, that the surgery is not cosmetic (i.
The case yielded five minority opinions--one concurring, two concurring with the result but not all its reasoning, and two (written or agreed to by five of the 15 judges) dissenting from the majority's holding of deductibility for genital sex reassignment surgery.
Barry declined to say whether Fox's reassignment was related to ongoing controversies, including complaints of racism, sexism and harassment.
One solution for transsexuals seeking reassignment surgery might be to join a trade union.
The Robe di Kappa Ladies European Tour (LET) announced today a significant change in its members' regulations (cue schoolboy sniggering) which will allow individuals who have undergone sex reassignment from male to female the opportunity to be eligible for membership,' tour officials said.
Once referred to a gender dysphoria clinic, alternatives to sex reassignment are considered.
She claimed she was refused reassignment to a position that would not tax her arms or wrists.
Neither that document, nor her electrolysis, thermolysis, tracheal shave, hormone injections, extensive counseling, or reassignment surgery constituted femalehood for the Kansas Supreme Court.