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Ramos tendered his resignation after requests from the majority of the 34-member council that he reassume his previous post on the grounds that he is the only person who should hold the portfolio.
Milligan, PhD, Reassumes Role of Chief Financial Officer
Barnum said he will reassume the position of company president.
who will reassume the position of Chief Executive Officer at both companies, said: "Rakesh has contributed significantly to US Airways during his time with the Company.
Injury report: Fullback Ed Ieremia-Stansbury, who missed the Ohio State game with a sprained left ankle, will reassume his starting role.
Officials at the port, though, think the facility will reach a superlative of its own this year: It will likely reassume the title of America's busiest port after six years at No.
Barry Bays, currently serving as Wright's interim President and CEO, will reassume his previous post as Executive Chairman of the Company's board of directors on that date.
0 litre `twin spark' engines and optional Formula One style gearshifting, is set to reassume its place in the hearts of British enthusiasts.
who are willing to reassume their responsibilities to their families and to their children and therefore to our future.
In early 2005 this level acted as resistance and appears ready to reassume this role.
Wiggins has agreed to reassume the duties of CEO and President until such time as a new Chief Executive Officer has been hired.
Weiss, its co-founder and Chairman of the Managing Board, will reassume the office of Chief Executive Officer.