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DAYTON, Ohio -- First-quarter consumer bankruptcy data compiled by LexisNexis(R) CourtLink(R) reveals that since major bankruptcy changes became effective last October 17th, chapter 7 (straight bankruptcy) consumer bankruptcy filings have reassumed the lead over chapter 13 filings that require repayment of debt to creditors.
Wang, interestingly, once chaired TAITRA some 14 years ago and reassumed the position in 2008 when the Kuomintang (KMT) took over the administration again.
Mubarak, 81 and in power since 1981, handed over presidential powers to the prime minister just before his operation on March 6 and reassumed them upon his return to Egypt.
Role to Be Reassumed by Rick Slager, Chairman and CEO
Bengt Rittri has reassumed the presidency of Blueair Inc.
Hyde proved difficult to catch in large part because he reassumed the guise of Dr.
In the restructuring, Weaver Gaines, who was among Ixion's founders and had resigned as its Chairman in January 2005, has reassumed the title of President and CEO and rejoined the board.
com/ ) has reassumed all proprietary rights to The Wumblers preschool television series from Peak Entertainment Holdings (BULLETIN BOARD: PKEH) .
Tim Grumbacher, chairman, has reassumed the position of CEO of the 72-unit department store chain, effective immediately.
Christopher Cline, a Senior Vice President and eight-year ACTV veteran, has reassumed the role of Chief Financial Officer, a position he held from November 1993 to July 2000.
Lacy, former chief financial officer, reassumed the position in August when Gary Crittenden left the company.