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Brad Hecht, an industry veteran who led Yankee Group's research organization from 2002 to 2004, is reassuming the role of Chief Research Officer effective immediately.
TV'S two best baddies DI Lindsuay Denton and DS "Dot" Cottan reassuming Line of Duty's spotlight.
The company restructured in November 2009 with local businessman and founder Ian Gillespie reassuming full control of the business, following a deal to acquire share capital from external funders.
Otto, who founded the Company and was its president during the Company's periods of strong growth through the early 1990's, will be reassuming the responsibilities of president.
Nasdaq:EITI) to reflect its ongoing acquisition strategy, the Newport Beach-based company announced it was reassuming its old name: SM&A.
In conjunction with Scott's sharpened business focus, the company announced that Lindemann would be reassuming day-to-day responsibility of its Scott Aviation division, effective July 30.
Warren Mosler, chairman of the board, will be reassuming the position of CEO, effective Feb.
Richard Dews, President/CEO and founder of One Up Corporation, has made substantial changes during the last three weeks in the beleaguered company after reassuming the tactical operations responsibilities of a recently exited Vice President.