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PVP and the additional future earnings from the reassumption of previously ceded books of business, increased adjusted book value, which includes the estimated future earnings on the Company's in-force book of business.
68) The Ninth Circuit explained that the reassumption provision in ICWA [section] 1918(a) was designed only to authorize a tribe to enlarge upon the inherent and concurrent jurisdiction that had survived P.
151) in which the court overruled Nenana and held that section 1918 reassumption petitions were not necessary before a state court could transfer a child protection case to tribal court under ICWA section 1911(b).
08 per diluted share) related to the reassumption of transactions previously ceded to reinsurers versus a $14.
134) The Nenana court interpreted the reassumption requirement articulated in ICWA [sections] 1918 to mean that Public Law 280 vested exclusive jurisdiction over child custody procedures in the state, and tribes could regain jurisdiction only if they petitioned the Secretary of Interior.
Fourth quarter 2009 included the reassumption of one reinsurance portfolio that resulted in a net loss in other income of $1.
On December 22, 2010, RAM Re entered into a Settlement, Reassumption and Release Agreement (the "Agreement") with Assured Guaranty Corp.
The reduction in net par resulting from amortization, terminations and maturities during the quarter was partially offset by the reassumption of approximately $2.
The payments from reinsurers represent amounts paid to National over and above the return of unearned premium and loss reserves upon the commutation of these reinsurance agreements and the reassumption of the underlying exposure.