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REASSURANCE. When an insurer is desirous of lessening his liability, he may procure some other insurer to insure him from loss, for the insurance he has made this is called reassurance.

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Have you felt disbelief over a diagnosis from a doctor or felt unconvinced by your doctor's reassurances that you are fine?
Thus, the two-week Teacher Truths program aims to give teens reassurance through their most trusted advisors -- teachers -- while empowering them to share their own stories.
Coun Dole said: "I wholeheartedly welcome this statement which gives us the reassurance we seek that the S4C move to Carmarthen will be unaffected by the budget cuts the organisation faces.
Reassurance of the existence and compliance officers from administrative records, regular payment of all fees due to the State under IPR, contributions to the INSS and INPP, establishment summary statements;
In certain circumstances, Reassurance can also provide assignee's dependents with Property Management Services and Funding where HCR will assist or take over the selling of a property to release funds to pay for care.
During the telephonic conversation, the two leaders reviewed the bilateral relations and the reassurance about the situation in Syria as well as the recent developments in the region.
BUSINESS Secretary Peter Mandelson is still waiting for reassurances from Kraft about its plans for chocolate-maker Cadbury, he told the Birmingham Mail.
Dr Peter Mace, assistant clinical director at Bupa, said: "We agree that it is wrong to provide false reassurance or unnecessarily worry people with tests which may not be backed up by sound clinical evidence.
magazine, said: "Health MOTs often cater for the 'worried well' who want the reassurance of a clean bill of health.
Reflections on reassurance policing in the Low Countries.
They are spending more than pounds 250,000 a year on civilian REASSURANCE officers.
To get some reassurance, this led people who believed this stuff to go full blast in achieving economic success, thinking that God signifies his favor by giving the best cars and top knickknacks to the elect.